Overview of spams received

Having a blog, either as tiny as this very one, lead to getting quite a lot of spams, sent as comments. Currently it’s more than 100 spams per week; here is a short overview of those spams contents:

  • the vast majority of spams are in english except for some in chinese.
  • there is more and more long text spams
  • the most aggressive spams (by count and post size) are related to “sac Longchamp” (a “sac” is the french word for “bag”)
  • except for those, the majority of spams are generally related to shoes (“fake ugg boots”, “Nike”, “jordan shoes” and “Louboutin”) or glasses (“ray ban”)
  • others are either random or related to some sports events (“NFL Jersey” for instance seems quite popular)
  • only 2 sex-oriented spams were received (the web is no more what it used to be… ^^)

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