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Quake Live… less

As announced by SyncError the 17th of this month, QuakeLive is now a standalone game (not in the browser anymore, as a regular Quake 3) but (here comes the fail) for Windows only. No more Linux or Mac support for this game, unless a Linux developper is hired by id (sic).

Highly commented on this ESR article, some people may be able to launch and run the game using Wine or a Virtualization solution. I personnaly failed to run the installer using wine and don’t have a working OpenGL with VirtualBox; too bad.

Following the departure of John Carmack, this is probably the last step showing the decline of id Software since they have been bought by Bethesda. Somewhat a shame for all of non-Windows users supporting id for many years but that’s the way it is and Defrag still runs fine.