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Quake Live… less

As announced by SyncError the 17th of this month, QuakeLive is now a standalone game (not in the browser anymore, as a regular Quake 3) but (here comes the fail) for Windows only. No more Linux or Mac support for this game, unless a Linux developper is hired by id (sic).

Highly commented on this ESR article, some people may be able to launch and run the game using Wine or a Virtualization solution. I personnaly failed to run the installer using wine and don’t have a working OpenGL with VirtualBox; too bad.

Following the departure of John Carmack, this is probably the last step showing the decline of id Software since they have been bought by Bethesda. Somewhat a shame for all of non-Windows users supporting id for many years but that’s the way it is and Defrag still runs fine.

GtkRadiant 1.6.4


Last week, a new version of the id Tech3 level editor has been released and binaries are available on the official website for downloads as well as the source code, hosted on GitHub.

Kudos to TTimo and the GtkRadiant team for this new release!

Steam Controller


The third and last announce has been made: Steam Controller.

As for the Steam Machine, a beta is opened to Steam users who want to participate to the final phase of designing the controller.

Steam Machines


And the second planified announce by Valve has been made: SteamMachines.

A beta program has been opened to Steam users to help designing and building the Steam Machine.

Now let’s see what O+O will be


Here is the first of the three announces: SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system built around Steam and “designed for the TV and the living room”.

Symbolised by O, check the livingroom for the next announces: [O ] and O+O

Nothing available yet but SteamOS should be available soon as a free download for users and as a freely licensable operating system for manufacturers.

ElcO Mapping


I’m not fond at promoting FB but besides being a nice guy, ElcO, a french Quake 3 Defrag player and mapper, has started a page on FB for his work using GtkRadiant : Elco Mapping.

All of his maps are available at, here is the direct access to the full list. If you’re interrested, you may also check the thread on the forum dedicated to the runs on his maps ^^

You may also watch Defraging is not a crime, a brilliant video made by breacH, to see some great runs and tricks performed by ElcO.

Keep it up dude ^^

Interview with Cyril “Cgg” Gantin, Defrag’s grampa

Published at

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Interview avec Cyril « Cgg » Gantin, le papy de Defrag

Publiée sur FrenchFragFactory.

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frcup maps repack

Yet another Quake III: Defrag maps repack, the whole FRCup set, from 01 up to 37, is available!

Get the file (~90Mb), rename it as “frcup_repack.pk3”, drop it into your defrag folder and enjoy ^^

Each map is named after the comp. number (ie, frcup01, frcup02, and so on) except for the following maps:

  • FRCup30 is called ‘frcup30v2’
  • FRCup31 is called ‘frcup31_’

dfcup maps repack

The whole set of Quake III: Defrag DFCup maps is now available in a single map pack: (~11Mb).

Rename the file as “dfcup_repack.pk3″ and drop it into your defrag folders.

Each map is named after the comp. number (ie, dfcomp01, dfcomp02, …) except ‘dfcup05” which doesn’t exists as such and is called “flapadingue” (o/ Toulouz !)