From Roundcube to RainLoop

Roundcube Webmail is a great piece of software when you need a self-hosted Webmail. It ahas some nice features and is quite straight forward to run.

But when it comes to using it on a mobile device, the fun disappear right away. The default skin, which fits well on a desktop display, fails to render anything useful on a small device. Even when using the Melanie2 Larry Mobile skin and its plugins (Mobile plugin and roundcube jquery mobile built on top of jQuery Mobile), the result sadly is far from being neat.

So, looking for an alternative to roundcube, I did a short search on teh net and found RainLoop which actually behaves very well on the Desktop and on a mobile device.

The config part is really easy as the web interface allows to set things up quickly. On the plus side, it doesn’t need a RDBMS to run (thumb up for this) and it has native/ready-to-use config domains for Gmail and Outlook (although that may not seem a killer-feature it was quite harsh to do it with Roundcube for I had to set up DNS aliases to do the same).

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